Top Tips for Hiring Heavy Equipment

Hiring heavy equipment is far cheaper than the capital outlay to buy something you do not need every day and there is also no need to spend money on repairs and maintenance. 

Just because it’s cheaper, however, doesn’t mean you go just anywhere to hire the heavy plant you need.

It is still a financial transaction and requires consideration.

Courtesy of Jeff Thompson Excavator, here are some tops tips for heavy equipment hire

Availability of the equipment

Equipment hire doesn’t only make economical sense, it should also be convenient.

You need to find a hiring company that has not only the equipment you need immediately but also a big range that includes the equipment you may need in future. 


Ideally, you should also be familiar with the brand and make of the equipment you want to hire, even if only in principle. 

In the interests of safety though, if required, will the company provide any training in the use of the equipment? 

Age of equipment

Always discuss the age of the equipment you are being offered.

Old machines can be prone to mechanical failure and might be operationally less efficient which will cost you in terms of time and resources.

Also, check if the machinery is insured, regardless of age.

Delivery time

Equipment hire is only convenient if the equipment you want is available and able to be delivered on time to the location where you need it.

Check that the company delivers and that you aren’t responsible for collection and return. Is the company able to offer a same-day or next-day service?  

After sales support

The hiring company’s involvement should not end once you have the equipment. 

A professional company will offer service support. If the hired machine breaks down or needs maintenance, the company should take care of the job.

Billing and return policy

It is as equally important to know the returns policy as the billing policy. The key questions to ask the hiring company are:

  • Is a deposit required?
  • Is there an excess on the insurance cover
  • What is the return period?

At Jeff Thompson Excavator Hire, we provide a number of reliable machines and can provide operators if required.

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