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Firebreak & fence line clearing in Rockhampton

Whether it’s getting a property prepared for construction or you want to clear a fence line, Jeff Thompson Excavator hire has the land clearing service you’re after.


Firebreak and fence line clearing both have a number of strict regulations in Queensland, and ensuring these are met is important to avoid large fines.


For firebreaks around buildings and other infrastructure, apart from fences, roads and tracks, you’re allowed to clear up to 20m or 1.5 times the height of the adjacent tree, whichever is greater.

Whereas for fence lines you’re permitted to clear an area up to a 10m width. However, there are exceptions when it comes to select areas, including development projects, vegetation or other local, state or federal laws.

To prevent unwanted legal issues, contact our staff at Jeff Thompson Excavator Hire to discuss the available options for your property. We understand all the regulations and can ensure your fence lines and firebreaks are cleared safely, legally and to the highest standard.