Excavator Hire – Do I Need A Licence?

Excavator Hire – Do I Need A Licence?

If you are undertaking a large scale landscaping or building project, it is pretty safe to assume that you might be in need of an excavator at some point during the process.

They are large machines and can be intimidating to handle if you don’t have the right kind of confidence and spacial awareness, but besides from the right personality traits and physical skills, is there anything else that you need in order to be given permission to operate an excavator?

Here at Jeff Thompson Excavator, we have all the answers and information that you need in order to get in with your project in a timely manner.

Here is what you need to be approved for an excavator hire.

  • In short, the answer is no. You do not need a specific excavator licence in order to be able to use one, but at the same time that does not mean that you are able to just turn up with absolutely no kind of preparation or qualification. There are certain requirements that you need to be able to meet, and they can vary depending on what type of project you are working on.

  • What you will need to do, is be able to provide evidence of your competency behind the wheel of such a machine. For non-commercial projects on a private property, your own home for example, all you will need to present a valid driver’s licence. This is the minimum level of competency that companies will need in order to permit you the use of an excavator.

  • In some instances, in work places, for example, you might need to agree to going on a short course that will teach you the basics and safety around excavators. This might not constitute a full licence, but it will result in a certificate that you can provide to companies to show that you have been through the relevant training to be able to be the user of an excavator.

So, if you tick all of the boxes, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for all of your excavator hire needs.

We make sure to follow the guidelines to the book in order to preserve our reputation and ensure your own safety.

If you have all the necessary requirements, then there will be no problem hiring from us. We very much look forward to being able to assist you!

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